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Leather Repair, Restoration & Care Products

Leather Magic!™ is the first, and oldest online leather repair web site to provide you with all of the information and proven products needed to care for and restore your leather. Our products are used on Furniture, Automotive, Aircraft, Marine, Jackets and Clothing, and much more. Many world recognized manufacturers use our products in their production facilities and recommend our products to their customers. Rest assured, the products and advice that you will find on this site is genuine, tested and proven to provide you with far more than you even expected!

Leather Magic!™ manufactures and sells a complete line of high quality, professional grade leather restoration products including leather repair kitsleather coloring, dye and painting kitsLeather cleanersLeather ConditionersProtection Products and everything needed for complete leather care. Our products will enable you to repair leather that has been scratched, cut, cracked or torn. These products can be used on leather couches, furniture, car seats, steering wheels and other car interior parts, jackets, handbags, and anything else made of leather.

Leather Dyes and Paints

In addition to our Leather Repair Kits, we also manufacture Leather Dyes and Paints in do-it-yourself Leather Restoration Kits. These dyes and paints will enable you to perform a total leather refinishing to transform a worn, faded, or lightly scratched leather finish to a restored, like new condition. Also, Leather Recoloring Kits can enable you to completely change the color of your leather! Leather Magic!™ also provides similar repair kits for carpet and fabrics as well as carpet dyes and fabric dyes in our carpet and upholstery dye kits.

Clean, Preserve & Protect Your Fine Leather

We also supply products to help you preserve and protect your fine leather. Our top grade leather cleaners and leather conditioners help you maintain the look of your leather, and keep your leather functioning at its best!

And a Whole Lot More!

Leather Magic!™ makes and sells the same types of products for vinyl upholsteryvelour, cloth, canvas and even nylon. So whether you need a complete kit, or just an individual product, we have what you need for all of your repair, cleaning, recoloring, or reconditioning projects.