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Leather Protection Cream

Leather Magic! Leather Protection Cream Protects and inhibits absorption properties of “Top Coated”, Protected and Semi-Aniline Leather.

Repels oils, liquids & dirt to keep leather stain free and cleaning efforts minimal! Inhibits absorption properties of Coated & Semi-Aniline Leather.

Independent tests have proven Leather Magic Leather Protection Cream to far out perform all other similar products on the market.

Leather Protection Cream protects leather from staining and premature aging, by providing a protective shield to the surface of the leather.  Works great as a water repellent for leather. Repels liquids, oils and other foreign materials and allows your leather to continue looking immaculate as well as keeping it soft and supple. This water based product is a simple “Wipe-On, Wipe-Off” application that penetrates easily into the fibers of leather providing a barrier between the leather and foreign material such as oils, liquids, alcohol, normal dirt and soiling and much more.

This barrier remains porous so the leather can “breathe” and makes regular cleaning and maintenance much easier while keeping the leather looking immaculate. Best used when you first purchase your new leather to keep it looking new well after you put it into service.  Although not fully a Leather Conditioner, it will help to provide natural lubrication to keep the fibers and finish from breaking, cracking and tearing under friction.

Contains no Heavy Oils or Animal Fats which can damage leather. Leaves no oily residue. Will not stain leather when properly applied.

This is the best Semi Aniline protection cream you can apply and is extremely effective in helping to remove surface scratches in Wax or Oil Pull Up leather. Independent tests performed by furniture manufacturers and warranty service providers have proven Leather Magic!™ Leather Protection Cream far outperforms the next leading product! A regular maintenance routine, which  includes cleaning, conditioning and Protection Cream should be performed every three to six months to keep leather looking and performing its’ best and make life much simpler.

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