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Leather Dye & Color Restoration Kit

Leather Color Restoration Kit

Leather Dye & Color Restoration Kit​ enables you to restore the color of Auto Upholstery, Furniture, Leather Jackets, Handbags... and much more!

All Leather will eventually wear and fade. Light surface cracks will appear which causes the leather to look old and deteriorated, but the leather itself is still in good condition. All that is needed to restore the finish is a new color coat. The Leather Dye & Color Restoration Kit​ allows you to recolor worn and faded leather easily. The color coat provided is a water based material that is designed to be highly compatible with leather. The finish provided will be a permanent, long lasting finish that will give you many years of service. You can even change the color of your leather with the Leather Dye & Color Restoration Kit​! One kit provides enough material to recolor the seating area of two automotive Bucket seats, or the seating area of one medium sized sofa. If deep cracks exist in your leather, it will be necessary to fill these cracks with repair compound. Our Deluxe Leather Repair Kit will provide you with the filling/repair material you need as well as all components of the Leather Dye & Color Restoration Kit​. Many scratches caused by animal claws or other items being scraped over the surface of the leather may also be refinished using this kit, so long as the scratches are not deep into the leather.

You can even Change The Color of your leather if you wish!

Choose a color from our Color Charts, or send us a sample for custom color matching.

Choose your colors from our color charts
(Please be sure to specify color and number on your order)

To obtain custom matched colors, we will need a sample from you to match.

A sample of the leather is the best method to obtain the proper color.  Please Click Here to find out how to get a sample. Click Here to find out how to get it to us. When you  send a sample for custom color matching, please download the Color Swatch Inquiry form. Fill it out and print it. Attach your sample and mail it to the address located on the form.

For additional information, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Kit Includes:

1-6oz bottle of Waterbased Color Coat (premixed to your specifications)

1-Portable Spray unit

1-4oz bottle of Leather Prep

3-applicator sponges

1-2oz bottle of Leather Conditioner

1-2oz bottle of Leather Cleaner

1-pair of protective gloves

Detailed instructions

* There will be an additional fee of $18.00 for custom colors, and an additional fee of $34.00 for all custom two tone colors.

** If purchasing a Two Part color please note the pricing difference. Your order will contain both sets of color. This will include Part A, and Part B. If you send in a sample and our color technicians determine that it is a “Two-Tone” color, we will contact you to discuss your options.

If you have a large project, you may find these additional items very useful:

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