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Ink Remover

Ink Remover Makes Ink & Tough Stains Disappear from all Leather, Vinyl, Cloth Fabrics and Carpeting without harming the finish!

Leather Magic!™ Ink Remover and Stain Remover helps you to get rid of stubborn stains, ink, lipstick, Sharpie® markers, crayons and other unsightly marks are one of the most difficult things to deal with when it comes to caring for your leather. Leather Magic!™ Ink and Stain remover is designed to enable you to remove these types of stains with little difficulty. Will not damage your leather when used properly. Most stains will be removed successfully without any noticeable effects to your leather. Works on All types of leather including Top Coated (Protected) Leather, Suede, NuBuck, Brushed or “Naked” leather.

Also works great on Vinyl and Cloth!

Directions: Apply a small amount to the ink mark or stain. Work the Ink & Stain remover over the surface of the affected area with the brush included in the bottle. Gently blot over the affected area with a dry cloth to absorb the dissolved ink or staining material. DO NOT SCRUB HARD! This may cause discoloring or color removal of the area. Allow the chemical to dissolve the stain while continuing gentle blotting and wiping. Several applications may be necessary on very stubborn stains. After the stain is removed, clean the area with Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaner. The use of Leather Conditioner is highly recommended to help prevent future stains. and dress out the finish of the leather.

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