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Are all leather conditioners the same?  Not in any way!  Keep reading to discover what makes Leather Magic! so different.

Leather Conditioner for “Finished”, “Coated” or “Protected” leather.

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For All Semi-Aniline and “Naked” leathers.

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For All NuBuck, Suede, Semi-Aniline and “Naked” leathers.

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Remove light surface scratches and cracks with this pigmented Leather Conditioner.

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Get both of what you need most in Leather Care!

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Leather Conditioners to Keep Your Fine Leather Soft, Supple and Make It Last!

 A Little Educational Information:

 When leather was first turned from an animal hide to usable leather, it was treated at the tannery with special oils known as “fatliquors” as well as other materials.  These oils work to preserve the hide and make it soft, supple  and flexible.  These oils and chemical treatments will, over time, be lost due to evaporation, cleaning materials, exposure to sunlight and other environmental conditions.  When this happens, the leather fibers and finish begin to stiffen and loose flexibility. Cracking of the substrate fibers and finish deterioration then soon begins.  This is a naturally occurring phenomenon and may only be stopped and prevented with regular applications of leather conditioners.  High quality conditioners replenish these lost oils and keep the leather soft and flexible.  The use of the proper Leather Conditioner for your type of leather is critical to extending the functionality and appearance of your investment.

For help in determining the type of leather that you have, please click here.

Using the proper leather conditioner for your specific leather type is very important. What works on one type of leather, may be disastrous for another! Basically, there are two types of leather that must be considered: Finished and Unfinished.  Leather Magic!™ is among a very small and elite group of companies that manufactures these different Leather Conditioners. This allows us to meet the requirements of the different leather types.  If you are uncertain as to which product is right for you, please click on the link above to determine the type that you are working with.

Great Ingredients Make a Great Product!

A vast majority of leather conditioning products available on the market, use ingredients that are highly detrimental to fine upholstery and clothing leather. These ingredients include silicone’s, heavy oils and animal fats such as those found in neatsfoot oil, mink oil, saddle soap and others.  You will also find “conditioners” that include exotic ingredients such as bees wax, tea tree oil and many other “catchy” ingredients.  But, all of these can be detrimental and actually cause premature aging of the leather.  This is because most of these do not evaporate, but rather accumulate within the fibers and eventually turn rancid and cause the fibers to rot and break down.

Leather Magic!™ uses only the finest original “Fat-Liquors” and chemicals as a base for our leather conditioners.  This assures that you are putting the proper materials back into your leather. To top off this great combination, carnuba wax, the hardest wax known, provides a highly durable finish to the surface so as to make it last a very, very long time!

Browse through the list of our leather conditioners. You will find the proper conditioner for your particular situation. Please keep in mind that there are different types of leather. View our Types of Leather Page plus our FAQ’s to determine the best conditioner for your leather, and then come back to this page to choose the correct product

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