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Nubuck Suede Leather Cleaner

NuBuck Suede Leather Cleaner Cleans and Beautifies all Unfinished leather articles:

 Furniture, Leather Jackets and Clothing, Auto Upholstery, Luggage and Handbags, Horse Tack and Saddles, Sports Equipment…and much more!

When your NuBuck, Suede or Full Aniline leather items become soiled, we recommend that you clean it first with Leather Magic!™ NuBuck Leather Cleaner. Designed specifically for the softer, unsealed types of leather, Leather Magic’s NuBuck leather cleaner easily removes heavy soiling, oils and light stains that occur in brushed, unfinished or unsealed type leather. When applied properly, NuBuck Leather Cleaner will not stain the leather, or cause it to become stiff. NuBuck Leather Cleaner is balanced to the pH range of leather, and requires no rinsing. As with all leather care products, you should test a small, inconspicuous area before applying the product to the entire area.

Directions: Use a soft bristle brush to brush over the surface of the leather. Spray a light mist of NuBuck Leather Cleaner over a small area. continue to brush the leather gently until dry. Do not scrub the area as this may cause surface damage. Allow the cleaner to dissolve the dirt and grime from the surface with light strokes. Heavily soiled areas may be blotted with a clean dry cloth to absorb any excess soiling or stains. Allow to dry. It is highly recommended that an application of Leather Magic NuBuck Leather Conditioner be applied immediately after cleaning to replenish any natural oils that may have been dissolved during the cleaning process.

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