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Leather Scratch Remover & Conditioner

Leather Scratch Remover hides scratches & scuff marks on leather quickly & easily!
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Leather Scratch Remover hides light scratches and Wear Marks in one easy step!

Simple Wipe-on, Wipe-off application quickly hides light surface scratches on leather!

Works exceptionally well on Wax and/or oil Pull Up Leather!

Auto Upholstery, Furniture, Leather Jackets and Clothing, Luggage and Handbags, Horse Tack and Saddles, Sports Equipment… and much more!

Leather Magic!™ Leather Scratch Remover and Conditioner will provide you with all of the attributes of our Standard Leather Conditioner by providing the essential oils and lubricants that leather needs to remain soft, flexible and protect the finish from cracking and premature wear. However, leather will, over time, develop very minor surface cracks and scratches in the finish. These discolored areas can be very annoying and cause the leather to look undesirable. Leather Scratch Remover and Conditioner contains a pigmented compound that works with the natural lubricating materials to color in theses lightened areas and make them disappear. The natural color of the leather will in no way be affected, so it is not necessary to have an exact color match of the leather finish. Once applied and fully dry, there is no residue left on the surface of the leather that can transfer to articles coming into contact with the leather. Will not cover areas that have darkened due to exposure to soils, oil or other contamination. Not for use on Suede, NuBuck, Full Aniline or any “Uncoated/Unfinished” leather.

Available in 14 different colors:

S110 Black, 1417 Platinum, 5084 Charcoal, 5163 Natural, 5165 Buckskin, 5169 Saddle, 5170 Green, 5174 Blue, 5206 Cognac, 5167 Chocolate, 5184 Wine, 5177 Cranberry, 9022 Camel, 9972 Bordeaux,

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Directions: Shake well. Make certain that the leather is clean before applying conditioner. Clean the leather first by using Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaner. Apply the conditioner with a damp cloth, towel or sponge covering the entire area well. Allow to stand for several minutes, then wipe off any excess and buff with a clean, dry cloth. Always test Leather Conditioner on a hidden area before general application. Will not cover areas that have darkened due to exposure to soils, oil or other contamination. This product is not recommended for use on suede, brushed or “naked” leather.

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