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Leather Scratch Remover Colors

Colored Leather Conditioner/Scratch Remover Colors

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The following list displays the available colors for our Leather Scratch Remover pigmented Leather Conditioner.  This product is designed to work as a leather scratch remover while conditioning the leather at the same time.  It is not necessary to obtain an exact color match to your leather as this product is not a surface dye or refinishing product.  By choosing a color similar to what you are working with, the pigmented material will be absorbed into the scratched leather and the pigments contained in the product will only adhere to the underlying exposed leather, thus hiding the scratches and keeping your leather looking great!

S110 Pure Black

5177 Cranberry

9972 Bordeaux

5169 Saddle

5184 Wine

5084 Charcoal

5170 Green

5187 Chocolate

5174 Blue

5206 Cognac

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