Will The Leather Repair Kit Work On Vinyl or “simulated” Leather?

No. The materials that make up the Leather Magic Leather Repair Kits are designed specifically for leather.

We have experimented with the product on vinyl and found it to do a nice job. However, the durability and longevity of a permanent repair are not guaranteed.

The chemical make-up of Leather and Vinyl differ so dramatically, that it is impossible to make a repair compound that will work equally well on both materials.

Vinyl is made from Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC Plastic) and contains plasticizers which make it very soft and flexible. Because Vinyl is a plastic material, it must be repaired in a different manner in order to achieve maximum results.

Some repair kits advertise that they may be used to repair both Leather and Vinyl. Although the immediate results may be pleasing, the longevity of the repair is short, and the repair process may actually cause more damage to the Leather, over the long run, than the good that it did.

If you have a need of making a repair to a vinyl product, you will want to consider our Vinyl Repair Kit.