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Vinyl Softener/Cleaner

Vinyl Softener Restores Hard, Stiff Vinyl back to its Original Condition:

Marine/Auto Upholstery
Vinyl Jackets and Clothing
Luggage and Handbags
Sports Equipment
…and much more!

The Only Product of Its’ Kind!

Over time, Vinyl may become stiff and brittle. This is especially true with Vinyls that are continually exposed to outdoor elements such as Marine and Automotive upholstery. Vinyl will also become stiff due to exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals and other forms of solvents that can interact with the plasticizers contained within the Vinyl. Plasticizers are what makes Vinyl soft and pliable. Harsh chemicals, silicones and cleaning agents will actually mutilate and dissolve the plasticizers and cause, in many cases, extreme hardening of the vinyl. This hardening will inevitably lead to cracking of the vinyl and premature deterioration. Repairing Vinyl that has become stiff and brittle is tremendously limited and will not produce permanent results.

Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Softener Cleaner has been formulated to replenish the soft, supple feel and functionality of the Vinyl by reactivating the plasticizers which in turn revitalizes the material to its’ original flexibility and softness. The concept is to provide longer life to the material and delay replacement.  Bear in mind, however, if the plasticizers are completely evaporated and the vinyl has turned to a thin sheet of plastic, there is limited chance of anything making it soft again.  Unfortunately, you can’t resurrect the dead!

Vinyl items can also become heavily soiled and stained due to exposure to the elements and other forces. Many times, these stains cannot be removed with normal cleaning materials. Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Softener Cleaner also has far stronger cleaning capabilities than any typical cleaning agent. Vinyl Softener Cleaner actually removes the outer layers of the finish to allow the original color to be seen on the surface. Since Vinyl is colored completely through, the removal of the outer finish layers is not damaging to the vinyl. Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Softener Cleaner is the strongest cleaning formula available, and rinses away easily. Completely safe to use and Non-Flammable. Will not harm the finish of the Vinyl. As with all Vinyl care products, you should test a small, inconspicuous area before applying the product to the entire area.

Directions: Apply Vinyl Softener heavily to the affected area using a soft cloth. Do not scrub the area as this may cause surface damage. Allow the Softener to remain on the surface for at least 10-15 minutes (longer is better!) keeping the surface wet.  Do not allow the material to dry. Wipe away excess material using a dry, soft cloth. In extreme situations, additional applications may be necessary. Rinse the area with clean water and allow to dry. It is highly recommended that an application of Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Conditioner be applied immediately after using Vinyl Softener Cleaner.

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