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Vinyl Repair Kits by Leather Magic!

Everything you need to make small repairs or completely restore your damaged vinyl

The following list is a compilation of “Do-It-Yourself” vinyl repair kits produced by Leather Magic!™. Each of these kits have been tailored to fit your specific needs, level of difficulty or budget requirements. Here you will find everything from a simple “quick-fix” vinyl repair kit to a full blown professionally based system that will provide you with professional quality results. Choose one of the kits shown below to find the one that best fits your needs. The one question most commonly asked is: Do these repair kits really work? Find out HERE.

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A simple, inexpensive vinyl repair kit designed for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to repair torn, cut, burned or heavily scratched vinyl

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Provides you with a complete professional system.  Best of all…We mix the color for you!

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Designed for the serious amateur or a start up professional.  This is a condensed version of our complete professional system used by hundreds of professional vinyl restoration companies world wide.

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