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Vinyl & Plastic Protection Products​

When you own anything made with Vinyl,  protecting it is of major concern in order to protect your investment. As with anything that we use on a regular basis, bad things can happen. Gremlins are everywhere! Vinyl is no different.  Accidents occur, things get spilled, sunlight fades colors.  Automotive and marine vinyls are especially sensitive to the extremes of outdoor exposure and elements.

These accidents cause your vinyl to turn ugly really quick and in most case, turn very stiff and brittle  But there is something you can do about it.  Be prepared by keeping Vinyl Protection Products on your upholstery & trim at all times, especially when you first bring it home.

Want to know how to protect your vinyl car trim and boat seats? The following list of products are designed to enable you to protect vinyl upholstery and trim from staining, sun fading and stiffening. These products are most beneficial when you first purchase your vinyl, and are extremely effective in preventing further damage to that may have already started. The following list of products will provide you with everything you need to help your vinyl “stand guard” and make clean-up easier.

Vinyl Softener Restores Hard, Stiff Vinyl back to its Original Condition

The Perfect Cleaning Combo for Stiff, Brittle Vinyl

Leather Magic UV Protectant acts as a “sun tan lotion” for vinyl and plastics by blocking UV rays.

Remove Ink Marks and Unsightly Stains Safely

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