UV Guard UV Protector Spray

UV Protector

LM-3200 UV Protector

Sun Tan Lotion for your Leather! UV Protector Spray prevents leather from fading and drying out from direct exposure to sunlight.

Leather Magic!™ UV Protectant  has been designed for all types of leather.  Due to the versatility of the product, it has also been found to be most effective on almost all types of fabric, including Cloth, Vinyl, Canvas, Nylon as well as leather.

Keep your leather and fabrics looking new and prevent costly UV damage and fading caused by UVA and UVB sun exposure.  UV Guard UV protector spray is especially effective for protecting these types of fabrics from fading, bleaching and dry rotting due to direct exposure to sunlight. Use Leather Magic!™ UV Guard to make clothing and upholstery fabrics highly resistant to the harmful Ultra Violet Rays that can cause fading and drying out. Use when your leather or other fabric is first purchased to extend the life of fabrics found in furniture, awnings, tents, canopies, cushions, covers and more. UV Protectant will not stain most fabrics, or cause any changes in the knapp or feel of the leather and is safe for use indoors. Always test a small area before complete application of UV Protectant.

  • Protects leather and fabrics from fading caused by harmful UVA and UVB rays
  • Helps prevent hardening from sun exposure
  • Extends life of leather and other fabrics
  • No odor, no yellowing, no stiffening
  • Water-based, non-hazardous, safe to use indoors
  • Easy to apply

Available Sizes:

8 oz: $19.95

16 oz: $34.95

32 oz $59.95

Gallon $149.95