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Two-Tone Furniture Colors

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Two-Tone colors refer to a particular look to the finish of a colored item. This “two-tone” effect will cause the finish to take on a “savage” or distressed look.  A two-tone finish is created by the application of two separate colors.  Usually, the base color (part A) is applied solidly, the same as a single solid color.  This provides a uniform base from which to work.  The second color (part B) is then applied using a “sponge painting” technique or, it may also be applied with a spray applicator in very light coats.  The second (part B) color must remain rather transparent so as to allow the base color to show through and still be visible but highly subdued.

Please browse through the following list of choices to find the one that best suits your needs.  Please keep in mind that additional charges are incurred with “two-tone” colors due to the additional material required.

If  You do not find a color that is close to your furniture color, you may want to consider sending us a sample of your color. We will custom mix the color to perfectly match your sample. Click Here to find our how to get a sample to us.

FT5067 Butternut

FT7540 Ice

FT5524 Tobacco

FT9910 Amaretto

FT9929 Cork

FT9940 Nautical

FT7570 Blackberry

FT9915 Nutmeg

FT9935 Oxblood

FT9949 Eucalyptus

FT5509 Luggage

FT8506 Sienna

FT9936 Cognac

FT9968 Juniper

FT9939 Cypress

FT5523 Document Saddle

FT9053 Tobacco

FT9924 Walnut

FT9926 Claret

FT9983 Barolo

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