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Is it Possible to Restore Sun Faded Leather?

Sunfaded Leather
Sunfaded Leather Fixed

Yes it is!  Having a fine piece of leather furniture setting near a bright, sunlight window is very pleasing and relaxing.  But direct sunlight is one of leathers worst enemies! UV rays from direct sunlight will, over time, cause the leather to dry out, become stiff and brittle and deteriorate the pigmented finish. Your once bright and beautiful leather chair has now become dull, faded and is a completely different color than what you originally purchased.

Many people decide that either it’s time to buy a new one or just ignore the fading and accept it for what it is.  But it is possible to completely refinish the faded leather sofa or chair or car seat, whatever the case may be, back to its’ original color.  The project may be accomplished using one of our Leather Recoloring Kits.  The process is simple and may easily be completed by anyone.  You may choose a color that closely matches your item from our color charts, or, send us a sample of your piece and we will match the color to the original.  Find out how to get a sample to send to us HERE.

This new color finish will be as permanent and natural as the original.  And, it will save you a lot of money in the process!

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