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Vinyl Softener Cleaner Combo Pack

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Vinyl Softening & Cleaning Combo Pack

The Perfect Cleaning Combo for Stiff, Brittle Vinyl

Thoroughly clean, soften and condition any type of vinyl that has become heavily soiled, stained and stiff or brittle through age, sun and or chemical exposure. Especially beneficial for use on marine seats and trim. Vinyl that has some age on it will become stiff over time. Direct sun exposure plays havoc on the plasticizers, which make the vinyl soft originally, and causes them to loose their effectiveness. Suntan lotions and other body creams also do their part to destroy vinyl.

This combo kit has been designed to help you protect your vinyl and restore it to the soft pliable material it once was. Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Cleaner will remove all dirt, oils and grime that have accumulated on the surface and help to stop the slow deterioration from exposure to dirts and chemicals foreign to the vinyl. But when heavy soiling and staining that won't clean out normally has occurred, Leather Magic Vinyl Softener/Cleaner will do it.

Vinyl Softener/Cleaner goes far beyond just cleaning vinyl. It has been designed to soften vinyl which has become stiff and brittle. Its' unique formula actually "re-activates" the plasticizers (the chemicals which make vinyl soft and pliable) and gives you a "second chance" at protecting and preserving your vinyl.

Leather Magic!™ Vinyl Conditioner will then be able to react to the restored plasticizers and help to keep them intact for a very long time!

Use on Boat Seats, Car seat backs which have been heavily exposed to direct sunlight, sporting equipment and much more!

Not for use on leather!

The Combo Pack contains:

1 - 8 oz Vinyl Cleaner

1 - 8 oz Vinyl Softener

1 - 8 oz Vinyl Conditioner

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