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Professional Leather Repair Compound

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Formulated for use on All types of Leather for repairs of scratches, cracks, cuts, holes and tears.

DT-152 Professional Style leather repair compound is our 1st generation repair compound and still remains on the top of the list for the best leather repair compound on the market, It creates extremely soft, flexible and permanent repairs to all types of leather that have been cut, cracked, scratched, torn or otherwise in need of repair. DT-152 is a water based, air dry repair compound that has earned the reputation as one of the strongest, most reliable repair compounds available. Use on Automotive seats and trim, furniture, sports equipment, motorcycle accessories and much more! Best of all, it performs equally as well on all aniline, NuBuck and Suede! Air dries with a white, opaque color and can be easily sanded for smoothing and shaping. Spreads smooth and easily. Accepts any type of color coating. Will not crack or release when bent, pulled or flexed.

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