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Carpet Dyes & Fabric Dyes

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Carpet Dye, Cloth Fabric & Upholstery Dye & Canvas Dye

Restores and renews the color of Faded Carpet, Cloth & Canvas articles:
Auto Upholstery, Furniture, Clothing, Luggage and Handbags, Sports Equipment… and much more!

Leather Magic!™ Carpet Dye will restore the worn, faded or stained look of Carpet, Cloth and Fabric Upholstery. Leather Magic!™ Carpet & Upholstery dyes will even enable you to change the color if you desire! These Water Based Dyes will make your carpet, cloth and upholstery and even Canvas look and feel like it did when it was new. Easy to apply, these dyes produce a permanent coloring that will not rub off onto clothing or anything that comes into contact with the cloth or upholstery, and will provide a new finish that will outlast the original!

Leather Magic!™ Carpet Dye remains very soft and natural feeling and does not stiffen the fibers of the material.

Great for restoring faded or stained canvas such as Awnings, Tents, Boat and Marine tops, Canvas Convertible Tops and more. Will not adhere to painted or finished surfaces. Wipes off easily and does no damage. Clean up using plain soap and water.

Once dry and cured, Carpet Dyes become permanent. They will not wash out of fabric materials nor will they rub off onto clothing or anything else that comes into contact with the dyed item. To prevent and protect the newly dyed item from sun fading, use Leather Magic!™ UV Guard.
We custom mix the color for you! Simply choose your color from our color charts, or provide us with a sample of your carpet, cloth or upholstery color, and we will match any color. We also offer a Technical Support “Hot Line” in the event that you have questions, problems or just need a bit of encouragement. Please CLICK HERE for information about getting a sample to us.

To obtain custom matched colors, we need the following information:
A sample of the material is the best method to obtain the proper color. This sample may usually be obtained from the underside of the frame. there is almost always excess material left by the manufacturer that has been wrapped around the frame of the seating area that a small (1″X 1″) patch may be removed. If this method is not possible, we may be able to match the color in our formula books if we are provided with the following information: Auto: Make, Model and year of Car, Name of Color, Interior Color Code.

Furniture: Manufacturer Name, Style, Color Name and/or Code. In most cases, in order to obtain a perfect color match, it is most beneficial to send us a small sample swatch of the material that you wish to recolor. Color codes give us the formula that is specified by the manufacturer, but many times these colors vary a great deal because of dye lot differences, style of material, and many other factors. In some cases, a color formula is not available, and the only way that we have to match the color is by means of a sample swatch. A small piece ( 1″ x 1″) may usually be removed from the underside without causing any problems.

Suggestion: It may be easier to locate a “paint chip” from a local paint store. If we are provided with a sample of the color that you desire we will be able to match from just such a sample. Make certain that the sample that you provide to us is as close as possible to the color that you desire, since we will be matching to that color only We will gladly match the color of your kit to this sample.

Please Click Here to download the Custom Color Match order form and the address to send your sample to.

For additional information, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Choose your colors from our color charts or Click Here to download the Custom Color Match order form and the address to send your sample to.
(Please be sure to copy & paste the color name and number on your order)

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