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Convertible Top Cleaner

Rag Top Convertible Top Cleaner

Convertible Top Cleaner for Car Tops, Tents, Awnings and More!

Convertible Top Cleaner specially formulated to work on Convertible and simulated tops, Canvas, Tonneau covers and other types of materials that are regularly and continuously exposed to outdoor elements. Strongest cleaning agent available that will not damage the material or fade out the color. Safely removes fallout residue, Road Grime, Bird Droppings, Mold and much more! Will not harm exterior paint, plastic windows or trim, chrome or “brushed” metals. Use on Canvas, Vinyl or Synthetic Fabric Automotive tops, Awnings, Tents and other outdoor items.

Convertible tops, tents and awnings are tough to clean. Make the job easier and much more effective! Bring the “brightness” of the color back and keep your convertible top, tent, awning or what have you looking great and last longer!

Use as an awning cleaner to remove fallout residue, bird droppings, dirt and grime and maintain the neat appearance of your environment. When applied properly,  will not harm painted areas, trim or foliage. 


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