What do I need to clean, care for, restore & protect my "prized possessions"?

What do I need to clean, care for, restore & protect my leather?

You want to keep your articles in pristine condition and make it last for a very long time. The initial investment was serious enough and we don't want to have to spend money any sooner than necessary to replace worn out or damaged products. Hiring a professional is one method of getting the job done, but it can be expensive and finding a trustworthy company can be a challenge! Sometimes, if you want the job done right, you have to do it yourself. But knowing which are the proper products and techniques to use can be a huge dilemma.  There are a myriad of sites on the internet offering care products and "how-to" ideas, but so many provide contradictory, indirect and even useless and damaging information. How do you know whats right and correct?

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The following pages and information has been compiled from more than 40 years of field experience in performing these exact tasks for both consumer and commercial clients. Leather Magic's! goal has always been to provide the finest leather & vinyl care & restoration services.  Our hands-on experience and eagerness to understand the industry has given us an invaluable education which we wish to share with you. This information is true, accurate and proven so as to provide you with the answers you have been searching for.

This section of our website is constantly being updated.  We wish to provide you with the most helpful and beneficial information as possible while still being easy for you to use. Simply click on the subject button and follow the prompts and you will be taken directly to the information you need.

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