Can leather repairs really be made to be permanent?

Absolutely! Without Question!

The repair of leather has traditionally, been a highly controversial and misunderstood subject. Most people do not even realize that leather can be repaired. Leather, by its very nature, is a natural, organic product and therefore must be treated with products that are totally compatable in order to make a strong, durable repair that will make your leather last.

In your efforts of searching for a leather repair kit or information about leather repair, you have found a great deal of contradictory and confusing information.  One unfortunate fact with todays’ economic society is that most companies placlee more concern on “sales” than they do about offering a quality product that really does what they advertise.  As a consumer, you don’t know what to believe, so, typically, you choose a product from a well know “branded” company thinking “they must have the best”.

40 years ago, When Leather Magic began in this industry, there were, quite honestly, no good methods for making permanent, invisible repairs to leather.  Vinyl repair products were the only things available for use on leather, and they all worked miserably. As with all forms of technology, progress is inevitable.  The demand for products specifically designed for leather exploded and many companies “jumped on the band wagon”.  Most of these products were merely adaptations of the “old school” vinyl repair products and processes.  Even today, many of these products are still promoted and recommended.

Leather Magic! continued in our “pursuit of perfection” and developed products and processes that will absolutely make enable a permanent, invisible repair to any type of leather.  As a matter of fact, when our service technicians perform repairs for our

Training Class

Training Class

customers, we place a real “Lifetime Guarantee” on the finish repair.  The repair products you find on this web site contain the exact same products and processes we use professionally.  And more than that, Our products are used by professional restorers and manufacturers world wide.  Our highly knowledgable training staff travels all over the globe teaching technicians the proper use of our products.