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Leather Restoration & Care Products to help you do everything from all-out Do-It-Yourself Leather Restoration projects to simple leather cleaning & conditioning.  You will find what you need here.

Leather Restoration and leather care is really not difficult.  Finding the right products and techniques for the job can be a bit unnerving though. There is so much information published on the internet regarding leather repair and leather care and treatment, all saying different things.  Some, valuable information, some totally "off-the-wall". What are you supposed to believe?  To make it simple...believe what makes sense!  Leather is a natural, organic product (animal hide) to which an arsenal of unnatural chemicals and processes have been applied to turn it into usable leather.  We then purchase that leather in various forms such as upholstery, clothing, purses, shoes and an endless number of other products for use in our daily lives. Once that purchase is made, we certainly do not wish to be forced into purchasing replacements due to deterioration of the products we have already spent hard earned money on.

Use the best Leather Repair & Restoration and Leather Care Products you can find to protect your investment!

So the solution is also rather simple. To protect your investment and prevent the need of re-investing on new, do these two things: 1. Avoid the use of regular household cleaning chemicals. These are very detrimental to leather. They are actually too harsh and will definitely produce adverse reactions within the leather. 2. Invest in the proper leather care products that are specifically formulated to be totally compatible with the chemistry and processes used in the production of leather.  3. Avoid "old fashioned" products and ideas that were once used for leather care. Most of these old "stand-by"  products are no longer compatible with the modern chemistry and production techniques of today's  leather. These three things will make your items last and function much longer. And better still... some are formulated with completely environmentally safe ingredients with little to no health risks!  Leather Magic!™ is proud to be among this elite group of manufacturers that offer the best leather restoration and leather care products you will find.

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