Here are some Leather Magic reviews from mail that we have received from individuals who have purchased and used our products to repair leather:





Just completed one chair and before I started on the second, I wanted to send you this picture. A lot easier than I thought once you get the knack of it. Very close to the original color, which shows how bad the leather had faded in our sunroom.
Doug Fisher

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Car Interior and Door Panel Color Change:

Thought you might be interested in this. I changed the interior of my BMW Roadster from black to tan. Here are some sample shots:
See the difference
View the results Here

Before and after with my 95 Volvo 850. One seat down, one to go.

John Hodgson

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 Using Leather Magic! Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner:

This week, used your leather cleaner and leather conditioner products on 4 hassocks in my living room that had been sticky from previous cleanings with soap-based products. The hassocks look and feel wonderful now.

Marilynn Mansfield

Hi! I received your product today and couldn't wait to get started. I followed the directions to a tee and did the passenger seat in my Lincoln MarkVIII first. I took my time and made sure everything was dry before proceeding with the next step. I applied two thin coats with the sponge applicator and laid it off nice and even. After dry time and two coats I gotta tell you I am totally blown away !!! this stuff really is magic! The match you did to my sample I sent was perfect!! My seat looks like it is brand new compared to the drivers seat that is unfinished. Seriously this is a great product! I wish I had discovered it before because I've sold cars and furniture in the past that would have been restored with this stuff. I will be ordering more for the back seats soon. Also I used it on the door panels and sill that were the same color and they look new also. I couldn't be happier !! This was all my car needed to look showroom new and I will recommend you to everyone I can. I may even send before and after pics too! Thanks again

Jim Coll[

I received my order today, faster than expected. I was really excited to try the kit, so I tried the cushion of my love seat first. I followed the directions, and cannot believe my furniture. The custom color match is PERFECT!! My furniture looks like I just bought it. I still have to finish my couch and chair. I'm really impressed. Thank you for an excellent product.

Have a great day,
Carole Bartlett

Dog Scratches on Leather:

I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for your product. It is amazing! My 70 lb. boxer had claimed my new leather love seat for her own, quickly scratching it and almost completely wearing away the color along the tops of the back cushions, where she decided to perch her head and front paws to look out the window. I was skeptical, but your custom color matching was perfect! Even after the first coat, the difference was remarkable. Three or four light coats did the trick, and the love seat is as good as new. And it was really very easy to do. Thank you!

Patty Skwirut

Leather Repair Kit:

We recently ordered your leather repair kit and I wanted to tell you how pleased we are with the results. Our sofa was looking quite worn on the seat cushions. Your product restored the sofa to near new in appearance! We were skeptical, I'll admit and were prepared to purchase new furniture if your product did not work. I was skeptical, but the product performed outstanding results and I would be happy to encourage anyone to try the product. Thanks so much for an outstanding product and result on our furniture!

Sheri Bagley

Leather ReColoring Kit:

Dear Leather Magic:

I just wanted to send you a note and tell you how great your product is. I spent years looking for some kind of product that would repair marks on my leather couches. My dog, overtime made some scratches in the seats of my leather couches. I contacted every furniture store I could think of asking if there was any product out there that would fix these marks. No one could recommend anything other than having the leather seat cushions replaced. I called for some estimates and received quotes that were upwards of $1100 for both my couch and love seat. About to give up I decided to search online to see if I could find anything. I came across your site, and it seemed as if it was too good to be true. Reluctantly I decided to purchase your leather recoloring kit, figuring it was my last shot in fixing my couches. The kit came and I followed the instructions. A couple hours later, my couches were restored to their original shape. They look GREAT!!!! I can't thank you enough for developing a product that works so well. This product should be used and recommended by every furniture store. I will tell everyone about this product.

Lastly, thank you for so clearly stating in your instructions to use thin coats of the coloring. That is what I did and it definitely worked best. Customers should definitely plan to spend some time and not hurry while working on their repair, it will just provide better results.

Thank you again for your great product and for saving my couches!!

-Kristal Shaffer, NY

Just wanted to say,

This stuff really works!
I own a Leather sectional and the bottom part of the cushion are vinyl. Those areas were cracking and some of the cracks were up a nickel in width and 1"1/2" in length! I have to say I was skeptical if your product lived up to it's claim. And it more than surpassed it! The color matched the swatch I sent in perfectly! It now looks brand new!

Thanks So Much!

Kathy Bess

Well, you "nailed" the color and the product works great. I completely re-did my Porsche 911 steering wheel and leather shifter kit and it looks great. It is holding up well. Thanks for your help.

My best regards

Karl S. Taylor
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Leather Steering Wheel Repair:

I recently used the Leather Magic dye kit for my Volvo. The Taupe color I ordered was perfect and I re-dyed my worn steering wheel. Looks great! Thanks for having the Volvo stock color! I plan to order the Light Taupe color soon and touch up part of the driver's seat.
A happy customer
Greg M.

I received your Recoloring Kit about a week ago. I thought you'd like to know that after following your very explicit instructions I achieved great success. As you can see from the attached "stain" photos we had a long standing hair-oil stain on a good quality leather couch. The manufacturer had discontinued the color. I sent you a sample of the leather and you sent me the custom Recoloring Kit. The results are shown in the attached "repair" photos.
My wife and I are very satisfied with the end result.
Thank you very much and please accept our best for the New Year.
Fred H. Martin

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Leather ReColoring Kit:,
Wow! Your product is everything it is advertised as and much more…
I don't think I have ever written a testimonial before because I believe in order to meet that criteria a product has to not just meet customer expectation but exceed them. I was unsure of the color to match my Cadillac STS interior that had suffered some astringent damage and Renee in Customer Service put all my questions (and concerns) to rest.
After diligent sponging, I was truly surprised at the outcome. I will let the attached photos speak for themselves...

Thanks again for a GREAT consumer experience!
       Chris D. Bottomley 
See Chris's Photos Here

Dear Leather Magic,
I just wanted to let you know what a great product you have, I saw your product about a year ago while surfing the web. Being skeptical as to is this another lure for a product that doesn't work, I did not order. I looked at my 4 yr old, $3000.00 sectional couch last week and said to my husband "we have to get new furniture, this couch is a mess", "What for?" he said, "the dogs and cats will ruin that too"...we have 2 big dogs and 3 cats, so you can just imagine. With this I remembered your product, I decided to give it a try, and am I glad I did, I followed your directions which were very easy to follow, gave the one piece 2 coats of sponging and then lightly used the spray for a finish coat. After 48 hrs. I used the leather conditioner and WOW, this part of the sectional looks brand new, I have now started another piece of the sectional, looks as if I will do the whole couch piece by piece,,,oh and the color was matched up perfectly with swatch I sent.,,only one problem I have now is keeping my pets OFF,,, I don't want them to ruin again, see my before and after pics (Click Here)....thank you Leather Magic!

Nadine Balestrino
Staten Island, NY

I just wanted to take the time to tell you "thank you". I ordered your leather repair kit and color, and am very satisfied with the results. I could not believe the color match! The directions were fairly simple to follow and the outcome was great! Thanks again.

Jackie Kollmann

I want to rave about your product and your service. I cannot tell you how reluctant I was to attempt fixing a problem with my leather sofa. There were worn spots that had discolored and turned red on my expensive burgundy sofa. I called about getting it died, but it would cost a ton to do, and they wanted me to bring the sofa into them. What a hassle and expense. I had pretty much decided to live with the spots on the sofa, since I was not going to pay what they wanted to fix it. My wife was starting to talk about us buying another sofa, when I came across your web site. I dragged my feet on that too, it had to be to tough and to dangerous to do it myself. Finally I called and ordered the material and the big day to fix the spots came yesterday. I called and spoke to Renee about four or five different times while in the process, and she was terrific. She made me feel totally comfortable going through the process, and walked me through each step. She was nice, pleasant, kind, and helpful. What was even better is how the dying process and product worked! My sofa looks band new! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David Chiera

Colored Leather Conditioner:

I recently received the colored leather conditioner I had ordered from your company, and used it on a faded, dried out leather chair. In past times when I used a conditioner, the chair looked good for about two hours, then returned to looking worn again once the conditioner dried. The arms were very rough and faded, the seat also faded, and there were numerous surface scratches from our dogs nails. After using your wine colored conditioner, not only did the chair look like it just arrived from a furniture store, the previously rough surface of the arms is now soft and supple! I wondered how long that effect would last, if it would again look faded after a few days of use. Although it is my husbands' chair, where he sits in the evenings, the chair is used by our three dogs during the day. They either curl up to sleep on it, or leap around playing and wrestling. We are VERY pleased to see that it still looks like a new chair! We will be ordering your products again, and recommending them to others.

Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.

Bev and Rick Legault
Ontario, Canada

Ekornes Chair:

I finished using the custom color on my Ekornes leather recliner and it looks like NEW!!!!!!!!!!! I was hesitant to even try to improve the soft, uniquely colored leather that was showing signs of wear. Thanks soooooo much! We have a new chair, actually better because the leather conditioner in the kit made the leather even softer!

Best wishes,
Ann Mills

Finally I was able to apply your product to the seat of my car, what a great difference. Instructions are easy to read and easy to follow. The color mix match exactly the color of my car interior. Great product, excellent customer services. Your product exceeded my expectations, by far.
Keep up with the good work.

Jose M. Almonte

I am so glad to have found you on the internet - thanks to you two beautiful Danish leather chairs and ottomans have been restored!! The color match was perfect. The instructions were easy to follow and included safety precautions which I took to heart and protected my little birds as well as I was refinishing. I will recommend your products and such great service!! Thank you.

Laure Trickel

Good Afternoon, To All,
I had wanted to take a moment to acknowledge the wonderful assistance I received from Leather Magic's customer service representative Renee. First line customer interface is almost a dying art with technology and contracted call centers representing the most traditional of companies as a first line interface to officiate customer needs. Renee was very efficient in handling my immediate needs, which was to find a color match for my leather sofa, to complete
an online order request. I was most impressed with her ability to ascertain exactly what my project entailed, and while offering some helpful preparation tips for recoloring, Renee very well represented additional Leather Magic Products that may be of interest in maintaining the overall quality of my furniture. And she did this seamlessly as she patiently waited as I completed my on line purchase. I am writing to you Leather Magic, boldenly, to suggest that you may have
what used to be called a "Diamond in the rough" and what would be viewed in our organization as an individual to be slated for career development.
Thank you,
Lou Fiscaletti
AT&T Network Management

Color Change on a Leather Sofa:

My parents gave us saddle brown buffalo hide leather couch and love seat that they paid over $3,000 for (they won't tell me the real price). I really hated the medium poop brown color but they were such good quality I could not turn them down. I started searching online when I came across your company. I softened my parents up and assured them I would not ruin the couches even though I had NEVER dyed a leather couch or anything like it. I took the plunge and bought the leather dye in soft black. It was a snap and they turned out gorgeous, beautiful, amazing!!! They are so beautiful that my parents like them better now! They are so soft and rich looking. People can not believe me when I tell them the story. I always have to show them a hidden brown spot on the underneath to prove they are indeed the same couches. Then I have to sprinkle a drop of water on them to prove it doesn't rub off. Thanks a ton for making such an easy, do it yourself, safe product.

Cat Scratches in Leather:

Dear Leather Magic,
I never write testimonials. You are one amazing company!
My 3 kids had gone off to college and thinking I was finally safe to own grown-up furniture, I bought a 3 piece cream leather grouping. (On installments of course, have you paid college tuition lately?)
Within one month, my cat shredded the corners of the love seat. I debated having her stuffed, but the family convinced me to let her live in the garage. When I called for repair/replacement information from the furniture store, I was told it would cost $350.00 a panel to repair. I needed two panels. And a valium. And a drink. I found your company on the web, and figured for the price, what did I have to lose? The couch was already wrecked, I couldn't’t do too much more harm, and I still have 3 years of payments to make…I followed the directions and repaired the damaged section, but discovered I had ordered the wrong color. When I ordered a custom color, I was sent the wrong color again, but within days was sent a perfect match, which I applied immediately, and my couch is as good as new. I am SO impressed with your company, your service, and your products! I will recommend you to everyone who needs leather rehabilitation! In this day and age of continual disappointing customer no-service, you are an outstanding example of customer satisfaction. Thank you so, so much. My cat thanks you too.

Laurie Polkus and Boots