Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Kit

Leather Cleaning & Conditioning Combo Pack

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Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Kit Combo Pack

Get both of what you need most in Leather Care! A Leather Cleaning and Conditioning Kit That gives you the two most important products in leather care.

Three Styles Available for Any Type of Leather:

Top Coated/Protected


NuBuck & Suede

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Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaning and Conditioning kit Combo provides products Specially formulated for “Protected”/“Coated” leather OR Suede/Nubuck Leather. Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaner is the only cleaner you will need to thoroughly clean all top coated/protected or Suede/NuBuck leathers. This cleaner gets deep into the grain of your leather and foams away dirt and oils that build up. Leather Magic Leather Cleaner is balanced to the pH range of leather itself, and rinses away easily. Contains no harsh, finish damaging solvents and will not stain fine leather.

Leather Magic!™ Leather Conditioner protects leather and its’ finish from cracking, excessive soiling and premature aging. It provides the essential oils and lubrication that leather needs to remain soft and supple. No hype, no fancy “high tech” ingredients, just the original oils that leather is made from at the tanneries; “fat-liquors” and the finest original tannery materials.

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