How to Repair Leather

Leather Repair has always been a highly controversial subject. There have been many different methods, chemicals and processes developed over the years to find a way to make permanent, invisible repairs to damaged leather.  The "perfect" repair has always been the "Holy Grail" of our industry.  Leather Magic!™ is proud to be a significant leader in developing the chemicals and processes required to easily complete this "perfect" repair and we believe that we have come very close to finding that "Holy Grail"!  with more than 45 years of field experience and experimentation with chemicals and processes, we are confident that you will find our leather repair products and processes some of the finest and easiest to use available on the market today.  The following articles are created to share our expertise and help you to learn how to repair leather in exactly the same way as we do.  

The following is a list of various common situations of leather damage and how to repair them:

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