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How to Recreate a "Two-Tone" Finish

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A Two Tone Finish May be Known as Sauvage, Bark or Distressed

Many leather pieces have what we refer to as a “Two-Tone” Finish.  There are numerous names for this type of finish: “Sauvage”, “Bark” or “Distressed” to name a few.  But one thing is for certain: in order to blend in a repair or color touch-up invisibly, it is imperative that the finish color be reproduced and applied  correctly.  The actual finish and color is produced from an optical illusion.   What the eye is seeing is a single color which has the appearance of being aged or distressed.  But in reality, the finish is actually made up of two, and sometimes more, different colors:  a lighter base color, which is solidly applied to the surface of the leather, and a darker top; color, which is lightly sprinkled over top. Sounds complicated doesnt it?  But it really isn’t. This type of finish has been adapted into many different types of decorative applications which many of us has come to know as “sponge painting”!  

Although there are many different variations of the application and methods to recreate the pattern, we are not able to go into a comprehensive description of each.  However, suffice it to say that a little practice and experimentation will enable you to take the methods shown here and adapt them to fit your particular circumstances.  One consoling fact is that the process cannot be screwed up so bad so as not being able to correct it!  However,  if you feel the least bit anxious about doing it, I suggest that a practice session be done using plain paper first, before jumping in.  That will provide you with a “feel” for the process and permit you to continue with little anxiety.

The following video will provide you with the basic idea of the concept and how to reproduce the affect.  Please remember:  If you have any doubts, need a little encouragement, or find yourself in an uncomfortable position, please stop and contact us so that we may provide you with some practical guidance.  Better to get good advice than to charge ahead and then wish you hadn’t!

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