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Our Deluxe kits and Recoloring Kits provide you with sufficient material to complete the seating area of a normal sized three seat sofa; in other words the seat cushion tops and the back rest cushions, or, the seating surface areas of two bucket seats in automotive applications.

Half length Leather Jackets will actually require less material than is included with these kits.

Additional material will be required when working the entire surface area of a full sofa: ie: additional areas such as the armrests, backs, sides, and front.  If making a color change to a full size sofa, an additional quart (32 oz.) will be required. Obtain sufficient Leather Prep for proper preparation.

Full automotive interiors will require additional materials, especially if doing door and trim panels as well. to do front and rear seats (2 front bucket seats & 1 full rear seat) an additional 16 oz bottle of color coat should be used.  Obtain sufficient Leather Prep for proper preparation.

Additional furniture pieces will also require additional materials based upon the size and number of pieces. If making a color change to a  2 seat love seat, an additional quart (32 oz.) will be required. A full size ottoman will require an additional 8 oz bottle.

As a general rule, you can calculate in this manner: 1 ounce will cover approximately 3 sq. ft.

Calculate the entire square footage of the surface area that you wish to cover and divide by 3. You will then have the approximate amount of ounces of color coat that you will need.

A standard 200cc bottle (which is supplied in our kits) is 6.75 ounces. This amount will cover approximately 20 sq ft of surface area.

Our Color Coats require very little material to perform properly. Heavy application will cause you to use too much material and can cause the finished results to take on a “painted” artificial look and potential cracking or peeling of the new finish. Too little material will result in premature wear of the new finish.  Cover the area with sufficient colorant material so that the underlying area is not showing through and appears natural in appearance. On heavy wear areas, an additional thin coat is recommended.

Also keep in mind that additional prep material will be required when working larger areas. You cannot use too much prep agent, so it is advisable to obtain plenty of product for this purpose.

For additional Help in calculating the amounts required, please contact us.

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