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Solid Color Finishes

The following list of colors are stock colors that have been compiled from actual manufacturers samples.  You may find a color on this list that will fit your project perfectly. Browse through the list and when you find a color that you desire, simply highlight the color ID inside the color box and copy that number.  Paste the number into the “Color Choice” box on your order form at check out and your order will be processed immediately.  We have diligently tried to replicate these colors as closely as possible.  However, due to screen resolution and various other factors, these colors may vary from this display somewhat when you receive them.

If  You do not find a color that is close to your furniture color, you may want to consider sending us a sample of your color. We will custom mix the color to perfectly match your sample. Click Here to find our how to get a sample to us.

S101 Pure White

F1400 Almond

F5399 Pearl

F1417 Platinum

F9955 Oatmeal

F1416 Maple

F4123 Malt

F5079 Caress Brown

F5259 Montana Camel

F1424 Spice

F9979 Rust

F4120 Bourbon

F5424 Cognac

F5802 Truffle

F5490 Chocolate

F5733 Berkshire Tobacco

F5117 Caress Red

F5668 Cranberry

F5066 Bordeaux

F5522 Black Cherry

F1408 Diplomat Blue

F5669 Celery

F5099 Caress Green

F5361 Forest

F1405 Lt Charcoal

F5760 Lavender

F5186 Soft White

F5186 Soft White

F5068 Creme

F5400 Tevere

F5153 Challenger Taupe

F9008 Mustard

F5369 Wheat

F5744 Columbia Taupe

F5353 Rancho Beige

F5341 Quint Camel

F5798 Bisque

F5111 Nutmeg

F5356 Bronze

F5261 Harness1

F5494 Molasses

F5494 Molasses

F5146 Henna

F5133 Terra Cotta.

F5354 Berry

F5080 Burgundy

F5124 Sky

F5345 Navy

F9971 Apple

F5662 Dk Moss

F5084 Charcoal

F5097 Granite

F1415 Vanilla

F5077 Birch

F5161 Khaki

F5115 Porcelain

F5364 Parchment

F5651 Barley

F5131 Caress Taupe

F5365 Pepper

F1425 Bisquit

F9203 Pebble

F5600 Sunrise

F1411 Dk Copper

F1411 Dk Copper

F5028 Harness2

F5344 Mink

F5358 Rancho Chestnut

F5415 Honey

F9935 Oxblood

F5452 Merlot

F5155 Wine

F9917 Blueberry

F5603 French Blue

F9037 Evergreen

F5435 Shutter

F1407 Soft Black

S110 Pure Black

F5137 Caress White

F7009 Ivory

F5123 Shell

F5652 Sunflower

F5492 Sand

F5749 Seamist

F5367 Rancho Taupe.

F5449 Butterscotch

F5751 Toffee

F9936 Cognac

F5268 Montana Saddle

F5741 Butternut

F5342 Chestnut

F5752 Walnut

F5075 Bark

F1419 Cherry

F1410 Ancient Red

F9025 Grape

F5607 Maroon

F5032 Antelope Saddle

F9940 Nautical

F9009 Melon

F5241 Emerald

F5348 Spruce

F5147 Hunter Green

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