Leather & Fabric Protector by Leather Magic!

Fabric Guard for Leather, Cloth and Canvas

LM3100 Fabric Guard

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Leather & Fabric Protector Water & Stain Repellent

Leather Magic!™ Leather & Fabric Protector makes NuBuck and Suede type leathers water and stain resistant! Moisture, grease and soiling rolls right off the surface and permits effortless cleaning of the leather. Does not alter the look, feel or functionality of the leather. Keeps your fine leather articles looking great for a much greater length of time. Remains effective after several cleanings and lasts much longer than conventional repellent products. Leather Magic!™ Leather & Fabric Protector is odorless and safe to use as well as environmentally friendly!  

Leather Magic!™ Leather & Fabric Protector was initially designed  and formulated to work on NuBuck and Suede leather.  However, its' versatility makes it equally effective on other materials as well such as fabric upholstery, canvas, carpeting, Nylon and many other porous materials. Leather & Fabric Protector has been tested and proven to be the strongest fabric protector on the market.

The superior characteristics of Leather Magic!™ Leather & Fabric Protector make it especially effective for protecting from harmful absorption of liquids such as water and oils and prevents staining from dyed liquid products such as sodas, fruit drinks and even wine! Use to make shoes, clothing and upholstery fabrics highly water repellent.  Salts absorbed from ice and snow melting efforts are greatly reduced and clean up much easier.

Use Leather Magic!™ Leather & Fabric Protector  when your item is first purchased, and your leather will stay looking like new! Leather & Fabric Protector will not stain most fabrics, or cause any changes in the appearance, knapp or feel of the material. Always test a small area before complete application.