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Yes! Do not try to “skimp” by ordering only products that you “think” you will need. Leather repair and leather restoration  is a process.  It is not just a simple matter of “slapping some paint” onto the leather and then expecting it to be just as permanent and good looking as the original.  It just doesn’t work like that!  No one wants to spend more money than is necessary to get the job accomplished. But, trust us when we tell you that these items are all things you NEED to get the job done right! Please don’t try to “go cheap” and purchase only a bottle of leather dye. You will be highly disappointed with the results.  

Don’t fall into that category!  Our goal and purpose in business is to provide you with a complete system which has been designed to provide you with results that are far more impressive than what is commonly accepted or even expected! In order for us to guarantee your satisfaction, it is necessary for you to allow us to provide you with all of the materials, instructions and guidance that you will need to accomplish your goal.

Our “system” has been designed to perform exactly as described with as little effort and complication as possible. The kits you will find on this web site are condensed  replicas of a professional system that has been, and is currently being used by professional restorers world wide.  These professionals place longterm guarantees to the work performed using these products.  You can expect similar results when you choose to follow the outline of the products and instructions provided

If you decide that you wish to try obtaining the desired results with only minimal products, you will most likely experience inadequate results and limit our intentions of helping you to realize the superior results you are expecting.

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