Do I Need The Correct Color Code?

Color codes do not help us a great deal in most cases. Occasionally, automotive manufacturers color codes may be helpful in determining the exact color for your requirements, but in most instances, we rely on our color charts, which have been compiled from OEM charts as well as through everyday work experience.

The best way to choose automotive colors is to look through our color charts. Choose the auto manufacturer, scroll through the list of colors and choose the one that best matches your interior.

Please keep in mind that most color monitors will display colors differently and may not exactly match your choice.

Our color charts that we mix from are very accurate to the original factory specifications. Due to the vast number of colors available from auto manufacturers, it is not possible for us to list every available color.

If you do not find your specific color listed, we most likely have a factory original color that we can provide. Simply contact us and we will gladly research the color for you.

Occasionally, we may not have a listing for a particular vehicle. In this case, we may request that you send a small sample of the color for us to match to. This will ensure a perfect color match for your vehicle.

We will almost always require a sample of the color that you need for furniture restoration. This is due to the fact that all furniture manufacturers use varying colors in the dying process of their leather. Even colors of the same name from the same manufacturer will vary. This makes it extremely difficult to maintain an accurate listing of colors. Our goal is to provide you with products that completely meet your needs. In order to do this, we require samples for accuracy.