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Carpet & Upholstery Dye Products

Carpet & Upholstery Dye Kit provides you with a complete package to re-dye carpet and fabric upholstery.

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Carpet and Fabric Upholstery Dyes

Carpet and Fabric Upholstery Dye restores faded worn or stained carpet and fabrics back to original.

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Carpet & Upholstery Dyes and Dye Kit for Auto Carpet, Seat & Trim Fabric and a lot more!

Permanently dye carpeting and fabric upholstery that has become faded, worn, stained or bleached.  Leather Magic!™ Carpet & Upholstery dyes will enable you to permanently re-dye carpet and cloth fabrics without changing the look and feel of the material.  These Carpet and Fabric dyes are water based, safe and easy to use.  Will not turn the fibers stiff and uncomfortable.  Will not come off onto clothing or other items, even if the fabric becomes wet!  Will not wash out when shampooed. A permanent solution to faded, stained or discolored carpet, microfiber or other cloth upholstery.  Even works on Canvas items!

Restore faded areas!  Direct sun light and constant exposure will, over time, fade out the factory original color of your carpet or fabric upholstery. Restore the color permanently with Leather Magic!™ Carpet & Upholstery Dye.  Water based formula is safe to use as well as environmentally friendly.  Easily sprays directly onto the fabric and with a little brushing, completely restores faded or stained areas permanently!  When dry, the dye remains very soft and natural feeling so that you won’t be able to tell that it has been re-dyed.  Plus, once cured, the dye will not be easily scrubbed out using normal cleaning products when shampooing the carpet.

Accidents do happen! Chlorine Bleach, Red Juice, Road Grime, and a host of things will stain and discolor carpet and fabric. A beautiful, brand new car suddenly looks old and battered!  And forget about replacement! A new set of carpets can run into a whole lot of money!  Bring it back to like new at a very small fraction of the cost.

We offer an easy to use Carpet & Upholstery Dye Kit that will provide you with all of the essential materials and tools you will need to complete the job just as good as any professional could do! You can also purchase just the Carpet & Upholstery Dyes by themselves individually here.

Choose your color from our Color Charts or, send us a sample for custom matching (an $18 custom matching fee will be applied)

Directions:  Clean the carpet or fabric well using Leather Magic!™ Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner.  Allow fabric to completely dry.  Shake the bottle of dye.  Spray the dye directly to the surface of the fabric making it moderately wet.  Immediately scrub the applied dye into the fabric using an appropriate upholstery brush.  Allow dye to thoroughly dry.  A hair dryer may be used to speed drying time. A second coat may be necessary to achieve uniform coverage.  Several coats may be required on heavily stained areas.  Once dry, the unit may be immediately placed back into service. Be careful not to spill anything on the area or get it wet in any way for the first 48 hours of curing time.

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