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Carpet & Fabric Upholstery Dye Kit

Carpet & Fabric Dye Kit

Restore the worn or faded look of Carpet, Cloth and upholstery

 Leather Magic!™ Carpet Dye Kit will restore damage caused by wear, dirt, fading and other surface problems to like new condition! These Water Based Color Dyes will make your Carpet, Cloth and Fabric Upholstery look and feel like it did when it was new. In many situations, this kit will even enable you to change the color of your carpet, cloth or upholstery!  Easy to apply, this Carpet Dye Kit produces a permanent coloring that will not rub off onto clothing or anything that comes into contact with the cloth or upholstery. It provides a new finish that will replicate and outlast the original! Leather Magic!™ Carpet Dye Kit contains all of the tools and dye you will need to complete a recoloring project. There is enough carpet dye included to refinish an entire set of automotive carpeting (unless making a color change).  The Carpet or fabric must be thoroughly clean and dry before beginning the dye process.  Use Leather Magic!™ Carpet & Fabric Cleaner before you begin the project. The Carpet Dye Kit also works on canvas convertible tops, awnings, Marine tops and other canvas items.  Choose from our Color Charts or provide us with a sample of your cloth or upholstery color, and we will match any color. We also offer a Technical Support “Hot Line” in the event that you have questions, problems or just need a bit of encouragement. Please CLICK HERE for information about getting a sample to us.To obtain custom matched colors, we need the following information:

A sample of the carpet or fabric is the best method to obtain the proper color. This sample may usually be obtained from under a seat or trim panel. There is almost always excess material left by the manufacturer that has been wrapped around the frame of the seating area that a small (1″x 1″ minimum) patch may be removed. We will gladly match the color of your kit to this sample.
Automotive:   We may be able to match the color in our formula books if we are provided with the following information: Auto: Make, Model and year of Car, Name of Color, Interior Color Code. Due to many factors, the colors that you will receive will be factory original and may appear brighter and “stronger” than your present color.  Again, a sample of the carpet is best if a perfect color match is required.
Suggestion: It may be easier to locate a “paint chip” from a local paint store. If we are provided with a sample of the color that you desire we will be able to match from just such a sample. Make certain that the sample that you provide to us is as close as possible to the color that you desire, since we will be matching to that color only.

If you prefer to send a sample for custom color matching, please download the Color Swatch Inquiry form. Fill it out and print it. Attach your sample and mail it to the address located on the form.For additional information, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Kit Includes:
1-16oz Spray Bottle of Water based Dye (premixed to your specifications)
1-applicator Brush
1-pair of protective gloves
Detailed instruction

Choose your colors from our color charts 
(Please be sure to specify color name and ID number on your order)
There will be an additional fee of $18.00 for custom color matches.

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