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I Thought Leather Repair Was Rather Difficult, Can I Really Do It Myself?

Leather repair has, traditionally, been a difficult task. But as we all know, technology never stands still. New developments in chemistry and knowledge of leather itself has made the repair of leather much easier and produces much better results than ever before.

The materials compiling the Leather Magic products are made from the latest developments of this technology and enables the user to make necessary repairs without any previous experience, or knowledge of leather. The Leather Repair Kits that you will find on our site will provide you with the safest and easiest products to use.

These materials have been professionally used and proven for many years. You can be assured that you will be receiving the very best that the industry has to offer. Complete instructions are included in the kit to fully explain the process step-by-step. We also provide you with support via e-mail, telephone, or chat live with one of our highly skilled technicians. We want to help you feel more confident and get the absolute best results possible!

You may also view our How To Make Repairs Page to see a brief demonstration on making these repairs.

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