Aniline Leather Dye and ReColoring Kit by Leather Magic!

Aniline Leather Dye and Recolor Kit

Aniline Leather Dye and Recolor Kit

Aniline Leather Dye Kit Restores and Renews the color of Faded, Worn or Repaired Suede & NuBuck Leather articles

The Leather Magic!™ Aniline Dye Kit provides you with everything you will need to completely recolor your faded, worn or just plain stained and dirty Suede, NuBuck or New Raw Leather. The process is very easy to do and will provide a permanent, natural finish that makes your leather look new again!

Leather Magic!™ Aniline Dyes have been formulated to provide you with a new finish that is actually stronger and more durable than the original finish! These dyes remain extremely soft, flexible and natural feeling so that the new finish resembles the original material when it was first purchased.

Leather Magic!™ Aniline Dyes are designed specifically for use on NuBuck & Suede as well as new, unfinished/untreated leather. These are alcohol based dyes that provide a semi-opaque finish on Suede and Nubuck and a slightly transparent finish on new untreated leather. Aniline Dyes are heavily pigmented and will even enable you to change the color of your items!

Please Note: The tag on your leather item may state "Aniline Dyed".  However, this does NOT indicate that your project requires Aniline Dyes. Please refer to our FAQ's or CLICK HERE for information on determining the "Type" of leather you have.

Easy to apply, these dyes produces permanent coloring that will not rub off onto clothing or anything that comes into contact with them, and will provide a new finish that will outlast the original! Simply choose your color from our color charts, any of the colors on these charts may be mixed as an Aniline Dye. Or, you may provide us with a sample of your color, and we will custom match any color. We also offer a Technical Support “Hot Line" in the event that you have questions, problems or just need a bit of encouragement. Please CLICK HERE for information about getting a sample to us.

To determine if you require an Aniline Dye or a Top Coat, please Click Here.

To obtain custom matched colors, we need the following information:

A sample of the leather is the best method to obtain the proper color. This sample may usually be obtained from the underside of the frame. there is almost always excess material left by the manufacturer that has been wrapped around the frame of the seating area that a small (1"X 1") patch may be removed. We will gladly match the color of your kit to this sample.

If this method is not possible, we may be able to match the color in our formula books if we are provided with the following information: Auto: Make, Model and year of Car, Name of Color, Interior Color Code.

Suggestion: It may be easier to locate a "paint chip" from a local paint store. If we are provided with a sample of the color that you desire we will be able to match from just such a sample. Make certain that the sample that you provide to us is as close as possible to the color that you desire, since we will be matching to that color only

If you prefer to send a sample for custom color matching, please download the Color Swatch Inquiry form. Fill it out and print it. Attach your sample and mail it to the address located on the form.

For additional information, please go to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Kit Includes:

1- 6oz bottle of Alcohol based Dye (premixed to your specifications)
1- Portable Spray unit
1- 4oz bottle of Leather Prep

1- applicator sponge1- 4 oz NuBuck Leather Cleaner
1- 2 oz bottle of NuBuck/Suede Leather Conditioner
1- pair of protective gloves
Detailed instructions

Choose your colors from our color charts
(Please be sure to specify color and number on your order)

There will be an additional fee of $18.00 for custom colors, and an additional fee of $24.00 for all custom two tone colors.

If you have a large project, These additional items may be very useful: