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Alcantara & Sport Fabric Cleaner Specially Formulated For Alcantara and Other “Sport Fabrics”

Alcantara and other “sport fabrics” can be difficult to keep clean and pristine. General fabric cleaners are too harsh and will cause staining and stiffening of the fabric. Alcantara & Sport Fabric Cleaner is formulated to be perfectly compatible with these types of fabrics.

Alcantara & Sport Fabric Cleaner

Use the Correct Cleaning Products. Alcantara & Sport Fabric Cleaner is Right for the Job.

“Sport Fabrics” have been around in automotive interior design for quite a while. Alcantara has become more and more popular in some car models because of the very soft and appealing look and feel of the fabric. But what is not readily made known to the consumer, is the fact that this type of fabric is extremely fragile and subject to permanent staining very easily. Even plain water can stain the fabric!

Many owners have found out the hard way that using regular cleaning products will cause severe damage. Our Sport Fabric Cleaner solves the problem. Formulated from cleaning materials specifically designed to be gentle, but effective, It will clean without doing harm.

Already have stains? No worries, this product will remove them to bring your seats back to “like new” condition. And while your at it, check out our other products for the interior of your car

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