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Leather Cleaners

Using the proper cleaner for your leather is very important. Leather must be treated carefully, using the correct products that are made especially for particular application. Leather Furniture uses many different types of leather. Some are more fragile than others and may be easily stainedby using the wrong cleaning and maintanence products. Car seats and Leather Jackets are most generally made with a more hardwearing type of leather. For help in determining the type of leather that you have, CLICK HERE or HERE.

Leather Magic's Leather Cleaners are Ph Balanced for perfect compatibility with leather. This preserves the original softness and feel of the leather, while preventing drying out of the leather.

Browse through the list of our cleaners. You will find the proper cleaner for your particular situation. Please keep in mind that there are different types of leather. View our Leather Care Page plus our FAQ's to determine the best cleaner for your leather, and then come back to this page to choose the correct product.


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Leather Cleaner

Specially formulated for Top Coated/ Protected Leather. Will not dissolve the natural oils in leather. Cleans deep into the grain to remove stubborn dirt. Safe to use, contains no harsh or harmful chemicals.




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NuBuck Leather Cleaner

Specially formulated for Aniline, NuBuck & Suede Leather. Will not stain the leather when properly applied.



Available Sizes:

4 oz.: $8.99

8 oz.: $12.95

16 oz.: $17.99

32 oz.: $24.95

Gallon: $49.95










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