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Leather Cleaner

NuBuck/Suede Leather Cleaner

Leather Cleaner for all Top Coated Protected Leather:


  • Auto Upholstery
  • Furniture
  • Leather Jackets and Clothing
  • Luggage and Handbags
  • Sports Equipment
  • Horse Tack and Saddles
  • Much More!


Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaner provides you with the strongest leather cleaning properties while enhancing the fundamental qualities of resilient leather articles. Designed to be highly compatible with leather to make cleaning and caring for your leather easy and effective. Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaner will provide the strongest cleaning properties while promoting and maintaining the natural look, feel and durability to the finish and structure of leather. Removes dirt, oils and surface contaminants to protect and enhance the finish and underlying structure of Top Coated or Protected leather.

Leather is just like human skin and must be carefully cleansed and maintained in order to retain its' original beauty and function. Through normal everyday use, dirt, grime and body oils accumulate on the surface of leather. If these are not regularly removed by thorough cleaning, the leather finish will begin to turn stiff and brittle which leads to cracking of the finish and ultimate deterioration of the substrate. Just like your skin, the proper cleaning materials must be used in order to complete the process correctly. Regular household cleaners must not be used as they are not "leather specific" and may actually cause severe, permanent damage to the leather. To keep leather looking and feeling its' best, you must first clean it and then replenish the lost oils and moisturizers. Leather Magic!™ Leather Conditioner is most beneficial for this task. We offer a full regiment of leather care products from start to finish in our Leather Care Kits.

Directions: Spray a liberal amount of Leather Magic!™ Leather Cleaner onto a small area of the surface. Use a soft cloth or sponge and wipe the area gently. Do not scrub the area as this may cause surface damage. Allow the cleaner to dissolve the dirt and grime from the surface with light strokes. Immediately rinse the area with clean water and allow to dry. It is highly recommended that an application of Leather Magic!™ Leather Conditioner be applied immediately after cleaning to replenish any natural oils that may have been dissolved during the cleaning process


For stubborn stains or ink, see our Ink and Stain Remover.

Available sizes:

4 oz.: $8.99

8 oz.: $12.95

16 oz.: $17.99

32 oz.: $24.95

Gallon: $49.95

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