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Standard Leather Repair Kit

This Kit is Very Simple To Use!

Just follow the directions included with the package and you will be able to make excellent repairs quickly and easily.

Here is a brief outline of how it is done!:

We'll start with
this type of damage:

First, prepare the area by cleaning it and lightly scuffing the area with the sand paper provided in the kit.


Use the alcohol swab provided in the kit, or if necessary, you may use regular rubbing alcohol to clean the area. Test a small area before application for color fastness etc. since the cleaning process may remove some color from certain types of leather.

Next, any cuts or holes must then be secured in place by means of a sub-patch and adhesive.




Larger holes will be filled first by using a small piece of scrap leather (provided in the kit) cut to the same size and shape of the hole and held in place with adhesive.

The color of the repair compound must then be mixed to match the color of the material that you are repairing. By following the "color matching guide" provided, you will be able to match the color almost exactly.

Finally, the repair compound is then spread over the entire area to a smooth finish. Allow the material to dry for several hours and you are finished!

This is what you will end up with!




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