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Carpet, Cloth & Fabric Upholstery Dye Products



Restores and renews the color of Faded Carpet Microfiber & Cloth articles:

Auto Upholstery


Canvas & Nylon

Luggage and Handbags

Sports Equipment

... and much more!

Restore the worn or faded look of Carpet, Cloth and upholstery. These products will even enable you to change the color of your cloth and upholstery! Carpet, Cloth and upholstery damage caused by wear, dirt, fading and other surface problems may now be restored like new! Leather Magic!™ Carpet & Upholstery dyes enables you to replace the Faded or damaged finish of your Automotive carpeting, seat upholstery, Furniture Upholstery, Jackets and Clothing and much more! These Water Based Color Dyes will make your cloth, microfiber and upholstery look and feel like it did when it was new. Easy to apply, these dyes produce a permanent coloring that will not rub off onto clothing or anything that comes into contact with the cloth or upholstery, and will provide a new finish that will outlast the original!

Carpet/Upholstery Dye Kit

Easily and Permanently Dye your Carpet, Microfiber or Cloth back to its original appearance



Carpet/Upholstery Dyes

Easily and Permanently Dye your Carpet, Microfiber or Cloth back to its original appearance. Individual bottles and colors.







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